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Innovation for the future. More powerful filters, no more allow sender lists; Never have to surf through bulk and spam folders again; No more viruses from attachments; No more multiple email addresses; No More Spoofing; 100% Delivery & 100% Opt In/Outs; Complete Privacy; No More Faked Or Doctored Email...

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SitePM Messaging is a new concept in messaging. Here is what it does.

  1. Treats your email and messaging content as if it was data, similar to how you would treat files, folders, documents and even databases, and...
  2. Protects email as you would any other type of data. So "email" is no longer just email but becomes a protectable resource.

From beta tests, there has been as much as a 99% reduction in spam in some cases, and all without the need for filters, allow-sender lists, alternate email addresses, or many of the other hassles associated with regular email.

Imagine for a moment, never having to surf through junk mail and spam folders again, or never having to worry about downloading viruses and malware from attachments, or putting your identity at risk.

Well? Now you no longer have to imagine, and here's why...

  • SitePM gives you absolute control over your inbox without having to worry about challenges with allow sender lists or having to surf through spam folders for missed emails. You decide who can and can't send you messages.

  • SitePM lets you keep your email private, meaning that it allows others to contact you without them having your email address, so you can give your email address to only those people that you trust.

  • You also don't have to worry about infections from viruses and malware from attachments. SitePM is designed to stop anyone from sending you any files without your permission.

  • The system applies both aggressive and passive security that's impossible to do with regular email. Aggressive security allows you to block users, email addresses, IP addresses, domain names, and much more. Passive security automatically blocks over 30 thousand known hosts and illegal advertising networks from ever reaching your inbox.

  • A new feature called "Media Mail" allows you to watch and listen to audio and video content from popular sites like Youtube, right from your inbox. No more code to copy, pages to create, or links to click. Just open your mail and watch or listen.

  • You also have absolute control over subscriptions like newsletters and magazines. SitePM takes away subscriber control from advertisers so that you can opt in and opt out with 100% success and never have to worry about your information being sold or given to another party, or worry that your information will be kept on some dormant list.

  • Family and Corporate accounts allow you to create and manage accounts for family members and employees, and also includes double opt in security so that your family is protected from receiving adult content, and all content is reportable!

  • SitePM also gives you what many services charge for: File Management. Instead of sending files everywhere, you can send a simple download link from your file manager. You may also use it for online backup, archiving, and even hosting downloads on your website.

  • If you have something important to deliver to someone, SitePM's Registered Mail feature is designed so that you can send registered email to a person. You will receive a confirmation when messages are read, and for quality assurance, it uses duplication so that emails can't be faked and it will stand up in court.

SitePM Messaging System gives you control, identity protection, email protection, privacy and more for free, when every other service charges! Create your account now!

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